Translation and proofreading

My translation language pairs are English to Spanish, French to Spanish, and Dutch to Spanish. I only translate into my native language, Spanish. With more than 5 million words translated since I started my journey through the world of freelance translating in 2007, I have also worked for a year as the translator/in-house editor at The Hague Conference, where I have performed the function of external translator coordination. I have translated texts about almost every topic and with every characteristic, but, keeping in mind my education, my global experiences, and my personal interests, I specialize in the following ares:

Marketing and business: communication, e-commerce, marketing campaigns, brochures, folders, fliers, e-stores, shop catalogs… I have run a webshop with Prestashop and I am familiar with the world of e-commerce. I have coordinated the translation of my own website and have written my own publicity texts (copy-writing). In addition, I have completed different trainings and courses about SEO (Search Enging Optimization) and business administration. I have worked with all types of marketing and publicity material for clients, like articles about free time from the Gelert firm, the Dutch company Inepro, and the French tourism company Yelloh Village.

Education: My experience in the world of education is wide-ranging, not just in translating but also in education, where I was a high school teacher of Spanish as a second language. I have done the translating of various training materials, e-learning modules, and textbooks.

Cosmetics: For two years I worked as an MBO teacher (at a Dutch vocational school) at the ID College (Gouda, the Netherlands) with a specialty in Wellness & Beauty. My knowledge about the technical vocabulary in the Wellness & Beauty field is wide-ranging. Some examples of my clients within this area are the Earth Mama products for the Spanish website Mamaguapa.

Website translations: In the field of website translation, it is necessary to keep in mind such factors as SEO, copy-writing, length and layout of content…I have translated the content of the websites Zelf in Relatie and The Hague Conference, among others.

Culinary: In addition to cooking, I like to experiment in the kitchen. But what I like the most is to discover new elements, ingredients, and ideas. I have collaborated on the translations of fanzines and recipes from the frozen vegetable company Ardo and the Dutch chain Bagels & Beans, among others.

Literary: As I am certified in Literature (MA in Literature), reading has always come along with me on my journey. Unfortunately literary translation has not crossed my career path very often, but right now I am very happy to say that I am collaborating on a long-term project: the translation of the book Cupcakes in een koffer, from Yara March, from Dutch to Spanish.